Software tips for statistical data analysis

Which application software can be used for statistical analysis?

There are a variety of statistical evaluation programs. The following programs are used by us:

  • R-Projekt: R-Projekt is open source software (command line oriented) for statistics (Windows, Linux, Mac). R Commander is a simple graphical interface that allows the user to perform many common statistical tasks.
  • JMP (von SAS): The commercial JMP Software from SAS is often used at the Institute of Mathematical Stochastics. A thirty-day free trial is available on the JMP homepage.
  • PSPP: PSPP is a free alternative for the commercial statistical software SPSS.
  • SPSS Studentenversion: SPSS Student Version can be purchased for 100 EUR or less from OnTheHub.

Please check which campus licenses are available. Do you already know the RRZN manuals? These manuals include good readings for self-study in R, SPSS & Co. In addition, you can also learn more about softwares at one of our events.

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